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Disigning in Olesia


   - Prefabricated buildings 
- Elevators 
- Residential buildings 
- Sports Facilities 
- Shopping and entertainment centers 
- Electricity, ventilation and fire extinguishing systems

One of the activities of design and construction company "Olesya" (CPM "Olesya") is the design of civil and industrial use. 
Project Group Ltd. "Olesya" was created in 2005.

    The main sections of the design are:

1. Design concrete products


Железобетонные изделияЖелезобетонные изделияЖелезобетонные изделия


2. Design of metal products




  3. Master plans of enterprises



4. Technological solutions


5. Architectural - building solutions




6. Design of interiors and exteriors


7. Special sections (water, sewage, heating, ventilation, fire extinguishing and alarm systems, electricity, telephone, gas alarm, fire protection of structures).




  The experience gained by our engineers, enables the design, calculation and construction of buildings and structures with the use of steel, reinforced concrete structures and prefabricated lightweight construction with panels "sandwich" of its own production. 
Currently, the asset of the project team "Olesya" there are dozens of completed projects of enterprises, complete buildings and structures in various sectors of the economy, including business processing and storage of fruit, vegetables and grains. 
Design department developed a number of projects of the enterprises for processing of agricultural products in cooperation with leading companies in Europe and America.

Presentation Indoor tennis and sports complex

While working on the project and the process of building a team of specialists working with customers, contractors, subcontractors, goes to the objects of design and construction for prompt constructive solutions in the area, working with the production sites of the company (plant reinforced concrete, fabrication shop), is developing a tender project proposals . 
All these factors inexorably lead to a permanent improvement of the quality of design work. If necessary, you can always contact the experts to produce competent department of the terms of reference under which the subsequent design of the facility will be conducted. 
Since the inception of the project team of "Oles" in our projects on a general and subproektirovschika successfully in the shortest possible time with appropriate quality and economically sound, built and put into operation the following facilities: 
- A set of objects for operations with sunflower seeds in Kakhovka "LLC" Sudnoservis "; 
- The production facilities of JSC "Chumak" Kakhovka (finished product storage area of 10.5 tys.m², administration building, industrial buildings and structures for the processing of tomatoes); 
- A set for storage and processing of agricultural FH product "Organic Systems", "Mykolayiv region .; 
- JSC "AT Cargill" processing plant sunflower seeds in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk; 
- JSC "AT Cargill" processing plant sunflower seeds in Kakhovka; 
- Plant construction materials №1 «Aerated ACC" in N. Kakhovka; 
- Plant for the production gofrakartona in Tsyurupinsk; 
- Network of supermarkets «OSKAR» in the Kherson region .; 
- Production and trade fair complex with the service for the sale and servicing of vehicles «Volkswagen» in Kherson; 
- Soybean processing plant capacity of 700 tons per day in N. Kakhovka; 
- Plant for the production of building mixes "Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)" in Tsyurupinsk, Kherson region; 
- Trade Fair Complex «Skoda» with SRT for cars in N. Kakhovka. 
This list can be supplemented by a number of civil engineering: trade and exhibition halls, a fitness center, cultural and entertainment centers, housing facilities and others. 
Specialists of the department with modern hardware and software that allow you to solve any problems. 

For detailed information on the work performed by the object, please call:

tel. 70722.70733

-mail e: olesya@kahovka.net

e-mail: borisov@olesya.in 

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