Строительство жилых домов, развлекательных центров, заводов и элеваторов. Изготовление, продажа и монтаж пустотных плит перектрытия, "сендвич" панелей и других строительных материалов
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    Engineering-construction company «Olesya» is one of leading companies in the field of construction in Ukraine.

The basic directions of activity:

  • designing of complexes, buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes;
  • capital construction, major repairs, reconstruction, komplesov buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • elezobetonnnyh, production of metal constructions, aluminum and metal-plastic window systems, profiled sheeting and three-layer wall panels, metal products


      1. Building on a turn-key basis: 

  • factories, food-processing industry factories
  • elevators, granary
  • crushing plants
  • receiving and processing plants of tomatoes
  • sports facilities
  • shopping, entertainment centers
  • pre-fabricated buildings
  • concrete roads, playgrounds
  • treatment plants
  • residential buildings

      2. Designing

      3. Manufacture:
  • Ferro-concrete products of different function
  • Hollow plates of overlappings by flight to 15м
  • A professional flooring
  • Sandwiches-panels
  • A hardware

      4. Inspection of buildings and constructions


    Design building company "Olesya" offers a full complex of services in manufacture and installation basis fast the buildings, finding application in the most various spheres: as shopping centers, office buildings, shops, motor shows, warehouses and the logistical centers, industrial shop and so on — you can familiarize with almost full spectrum of their application in section "Photo gallery".

    Basis fast buildings (FB) is the skeleton from easy steel profiles between which elements the heater is if necessary put. External furnish of such constructions is various enough — from a front tile to decorative metal panels and a siding. Internal furnish of walls is carried out drywall by sheet, the false ceiling is mounted, the floor is dimmed gypsum fibre by sheet, or a laminate. Thus all works can be carried out in the deadlines and practically in any weather conditions — term of realization of the project of average complexity without internal furnish makes an order of 2 weeks, for reception of exact calculation of time of performance of building and the budget it is enough to fill the technical project.

    By working out and installation of each building the advanced workings out providing high degree of thermoisolation, tightness, stability to external influences, durability and water resistance of designs are applied. Separately it is necessary to notice that all used materials and technologies are completely adapted for the Ukrainian environmental conditions, perfectly maintain the raised wind and temperature loadings.
    High quality experts of design building company "Olesya" are ready to execute all complex of a spadework: quickly and qualitatively to measure a building site, to mark positions under the base and support, to estimate a condition of soil and if necessary to make geodetic works — simply call us. Further probably professional realization of delivery of the order, the installation, accompanying works: from electrification to a supply of water and installation of systems of heating. At desire the customer can receive completely a ready structure "on a turn-key basis". To familiarize with guiding prices for products or services you can simply call us. For exact calculation of expenses it is necessary to fill the technical project, after acquaintance with which our experts can consider all details and generate the budget.

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